About Numbskull

A bike. A mountain. A mission. Marc Cram is bruised and broken, trying to recover from a near-death experience and a devastating loss. Will an epic bike trip through France, and his crazy plan to climb the famed – and feared – Mount Ventoux three times in one day help him get to where he needs to go? This is his story…torn from the pages of his journal

The first 14 chapters are here for you to read on this blog for free. If you want to keep reading, you can purchase a printed copy of the book by clicking here and read all 43 chapters of Numbskull

© 2017 by Steve Wartenberg
All rights reserved (not sure what this means, but saw it in other books and it sounds official, so don’t you dare abridge or alienate my reserved rights) All photographs are by Susan Cunningham and Steve Wartenberg