About Steve Wartenberg

FRONT copy jpegI was a newspaper reporter in the Philadelphia area and then Columbus, Ohio for a long time: 30 years.

Now, I’m a freelance web content writer (hey, it’s a real thing). I’m an avid (some would say obsessed) cyclist, and have been on several bike trips in France.

I climbed the Ventoux three times in one day, back in 2010, to join the crazy Club des Cingles du Mont-Ventoux – and got a bad case of hypothermia on another climb up that evil mountain. Who knew back then freezing my butt off would make for an interesting chapter in a book now.

And then, on November 3, 2013, everything changed. And almost came to an end.

I was on a bike ride in Columbus. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the next thing I knew it was Wednesday and I was in the hospital. An impaired driver had hit me and fled the scene. My injuries were bad, really bad, life threatening. I suffered pretty much the same injuries as Marc Cram, including the fractured skull and TBI. And yes, I really do have a partially numb skull. Fortunately, I was alone on that ride. Susan, my wonderful wife, nursed, loved and Urban Zenned me back to health and taught me a lot of life lessons along the way. Including patience.

BTW: They caught the guy, and he was eventually sentenced to three years in prison. And, just like Marc, I won’t ever say or write his name.

So, Numbskull is based on my life: cycling, cycling through France, almost getting killed cycling, newspapering, and Susan. Not so much with the lying. It was so tempting, and I came up with a few, including some of the lies in this book. Never had the guts to tell them at youth hostels.

I hope you enjoy Numbskull. It’s no Lonesome Dove (which really is my favorite book of all time), but this is a labor of love and an important part of my on-going recovery. It was something I needed to write and self publish.

You can email me at: steve.wartenberg@gmail.com  I’d love to hear from you: Your thoughts on Numbskull, your cycling adventures in France (or any other country) and anything else you’d like to discuss.